Monday 15 October 2012


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Unknown said...

The first few days in jail are the the 'Induction' Unit that is supposed to help prisoners to come to terms with prison in a less-stressful way that going into the prison-proper would be like...but in reality.. Induction units are exactly the same as the rest of jail...and every one of them in UK is massively over-crowded...every 'single' cell is being used as a double or worse...and systems and protocols are stretched to breaking point under the pressure from the thousands and thousands of prisoners that are added to the 'system' every days. The MPs like to talk about 'rehabilitation' as if its even possible in a system that is so over-stretched and constantly under pressure to cut costs. Private prisons are becoming more and more common under this Tory-led coaltion government...because their ideology is fixed firmly in the free-market and they think that by privatising EVERYTHING that isn't strapped-down they will cut costs and make institutions more efficient...which of course is nearly always the case...But what ISN'T always highlighted in such situations is how much of the SERVICE has been lost through bringing the likes of Serco into the running of our jails.
Privatising prisons might cut costs...but it also cuts Rehabilitation and interventions that attempts to stop re-offending. That Cameron has said he wants a 'Rehabilitation Revolution' is just laughable. Really its SUCH a huge Lie.
This Government understands NOTHING about SOCIAL its NO surprise that its so woeful when it comes to criminal justice.